Major Features of Dot Cleaner are :

Easy to use

Only tow easy steps to clean your file & folders

Clean .DS_store files

Dot Cleaner will clean all .DS_store file which are unnecessary files on your mac

Provide maximum space

He will give a more space after cleaning junk files. Its important for save other data

Just select & clean

just select your directory which you want to clean and click on start cleanup button

Save your memory

Dot Cleaner play a important role for saving your memory while removing junk file

Simple utility app that removes .DS_Store files those contains Finder
specific preferences. And now Dot Cleaner has a brand new user
interface, making it even simpler and easier to use.


Why would you want to remove .DS_Store files?
The .DS_Store files store Finder-specific preferences concerning the display of each of your folders. Removing these files is an easy way to reset your display preferences. Also, if you are moving files between your Mac and another operating system such as Windows or Linux these files can cause unexpected problems and should be removed prior to transfer